Jun 5, 2011

World Environment Day

Today, June 5th is World Environment Day.

Like many out there who care for the  nature we live and breath in,Ecosmart  also consider this as a very important day.

From Today, Please, take a step forward , towards " GREEN PLANET " .

Save Earth .Reduce usage of PAPER  and PLASTIC. Recycle old Newspapers to usefull Paper bags .

SOLAR Lights &Lamps and Solar power  systems are the best method for Going GREEN.

ECO SMART Solar Power Solutions

Eco Smart has Solar Power solutions for Roof Mounted, Ground Mounted, Awnings Mounted systems for off-grid and grid-tie applications. Our Solar Power systems bring you Ecologically Economic Solutions. Eco Smart provides complete design and installation of power systems with an ecological balance involved in system installation and implementation.

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Eco Smart Wastewater Treatment

Eco Smart has sustainable solutions concentrated on the treatment of Sewage and Industrial effluents according to the environmental standards for sustainability. Depending on the situation, we apply physical, chemical or biological techniques, including anaerobic processes and biological nutrient recovery and membrane technologies.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Optimization, Ecological Process .

The primary principle of industrial ecology is no "waste" and all raw materials can be re-input into the same or further processes.

Industrial manufacturing or production can be water concentrated and with the proper Industrial Wastewater Treatment solution wastewater can be reused to cutting your costs. You can transform Industrial Wastewater Treatment from a loss to a profit boosting asset. Thus Industrial Wastewater Treatment is not a liability anymore. As the treatment of Industrial Wastewater Processes are improved and become better, the challenges of efficiency and environmental compliance become less challenging and can be overcome more easily.

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Wastewater optimization benefits your company in many ways not usually associated with industry, such as public perception and environment responsibility. There is a definite benefit from the optimization process. The great publicity that can be rightly had by companies choosing to streamline their processes using green technology enhanced business.

Take small steps towards saving Earth,and together WE CAN DO IT !


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